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promotes the wealth and wellness of therapists of color


Therapists living abundantly

Services Offered

(coming soon)

  • CEU's

  • Digital Products for Therapists 

  • Therapy Table Talk

  • 1:1 Coaching`

  • Clinical Consultation

Therapist, Sis Heal YourselfPRO will provide services to help you feel supported in your business so that you can succeed and live abundantly!

a quick story...

I started seeing clients in private practice in 2021 and fell in love with being a therapist. So much so, I quit my job to pursue it full time. You can succeed and live abundantly working for yourself, setting your own rules, and working with the clients YOU want to work with! 

Fatima's therapy favorites


Planners & Pens

Cultural Humility

Dr. Anita Phillips

Walk & Talk Therapy

Apple products

You are needed.

Gone are the days that you overwork yourself, deny your needs, sacrifice your time, and only take what you can get. 

The tide is changing for therapists. Your expertise is needed. Your boundaries in your business are needed. Your creativity is needed. 

You can help people AND make good money doing it. 

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