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hey sis!

I'm so glad you're here. Welcome home!

Sis Heal Yourself     inspires Black women to reclaim their voice, elevate their self worth, increase faith in themselves and in God


The goal of Sis Heal Yourself    is to be able to safely hold up the mirror for women so they can see themselves accurately.



Living a purpose filled life is all about choosing authenticity and self. Having a safe space to navigate your journey may be exactly what you need. 

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January 2022
Online Class

Guiding millennial women of color on a path of discovery so they can better manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

The Visionary

Hey Sis. My name is Fatima, the visionary of Sis Heal Yourself. I'm so so glad that you are here. Sis Heal Yourself was birthed from my own healing journey, and my goal is to bring as many women as I can with me. When we reached over 15K people who were part of the Sis Heal Yourself community, I felt it necessary to create a home for us. Welcome home. Here you will find any and all program offerings, blogs, and resources. Let's heal together!

much love,

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Cheerful female friends walking outdoors in city and having fun. Young women piggybacking

Healing looks like...

Having a secure attachment with God

Pursuing authenticity

Making joy a lifestyle

Seeing yourself accurately


Developing a faith that uplifts our spirit in all seasons

Embrace the full potential of joy

Cultivating a profound trust in God

Join the sisterhood

join the sisterhood

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